Self-water management index


In the scope of the “Participatory and efficient use of water resources” project sponsored by the “Country Water Partnership” NGO, Urban Foundation for Sustainable Development, and Coca-Cola Hellenic Armenia.

United States Agency for International Development

All Rights Foundation (ARF)

To contribute to the efficient management, raising the awareness level of beneficiaries, and participatory government of the “Armavir” water users company formed on January 2019 by creating unified electronic system about the water users company activities.

The efficient management of water resources is one of the most important issues of Armenia even if Armenia has the biggest reserve of freshwater in the region. The institutions working in the field of water such as water users companies, which implement the distribution of water supplies between users, are considered subjects providing irrigation water. The work of these institutions is not visible, it is not possible to carry out analyzes, researches to make the further distribution more efficient. These institutions do not have websites, are not transparent and accountable in their work since this work is not being published and many activities and decisions are unclear for the beneficiaries as well. In the absence of a website and unified electronic system, the human factor in relations with beneficiaries increases, which also increases the risk of corruption, the payments of water users are not visible, the volume of necessary water, as well as the water supplies of the state balance, the necessary water calculation formulas, and the process of decision making and the role of water users in this process as a component of participatory management are not clear.

With the increase of the human factor, the risk increases in terms of regulation of legal relations between water users’ companies and the beneficiaries.

According to the annual reports of the Ministry of Nature Protection of the Republic of Armenia on the water users’ permits, each year the number of applications for getting water usage permission or extending the deadlines of permits is gradually decreasing. Hence, the agency has received 624 applications for receiving permits or extending deadlines in 2015, 368 applications in 2016, 303 applications in 2017, and, as of April 2018 – 303 applications.

The start of reorganization of water user companies can lead to many other problems such as management issues in the field, decrease of participatory process, transparency, and accountability. At the same time, the reorganization is an opportunity for creating a new governing system, which will contribute to the solution of the above-mentioned issues.


  1. To implement monitoring of the current situation in the field and develop methodology for the unified electronic system for water users companies.
  2. Create the website and unified electronic system for “Armavir” water users company.
  3. To develop a manual for the usage and management of the website of water users company.


The “Self water management index” project is being implemented by the ARF  with the support of the “Country Water Partnership” NGO, Urban Foundation for Sustainable Development, and Coca-Cola Hellenic Armenia and in the scope of the “Participatory and efficient use of water resources” project.

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