Talking photographs from communities


“The A.D.Sakharov Armenian Human Rights Protection Center”, NGO

Brot für die Welt 

All Rights Foundation (ARF)

To contribute to the solution of existing local issues in the enlarged communities of Shirak region through photo-stories.

The Shirak region is considered one of the highest with its levels of poverty. In this context, it is important to voice the socioeconomic issues of the community objectively, without any descriptions and subjective comments to be able to develop optimal ways of solving them.

According to the “Socioeconomic condition of Republic of Armenia from January-May, 2018” research conducted by the Statistical Committee of the Republic of Armenia, the Shirak region has the highest unemployment rate. Compared with the results of the last year’s studies, Shirak region has reported the fastest growth in unemployment numbers.

Because of this reason, the target communities of the project were selected to be the 4 enlarged communities of Shirak region: Ashotsk, Sarapat, Arpi, and Amasia.

The importance of the project implementation is conditioned by developing alternative and optimal suggestions for solving the socioeconomic issues, since voicing these issues both in written and oral forms are subjective and do not reflect the deep reasoning and consequences compared with photography and the opportunities provided by digital-investigative journalism.

The project involves all the sides in the process of developing optical ways of solving community issues: the one who faces the issue, the one who is responsible for it, and representatives of other regions who can be objective in criticizing as well as sharing their experience.


  1. To create photo-stories about the target communities, make them public through exhibitions, and include representatives of state agencies in the publicity process.
  2. As a result of generating ideas, develop a package of suggestions on efficient solutions of the issues and submit it to the relevant departments of the regional governing administration of Shirak region.


The “ Talking photographs from communities” project is being implemented by the ARF with the support of  the A.D.Sakharov Armenian Human Rights Protection Center and the financial assistance of “Brot für die Welt”.

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