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The purpose of the game is to raise awareness of human rights, corruption prevention and integrity, media literacy and critical thinking, as well as civic education among players.


DIGITAL FOOTPRINT. handbook of digital security and e-literacy

2024 Priorities


Judicial System Reforms

In post-revolutionary Armenia, the indicators of human rights, the restoration of justice, and confidence in the legal system by the public are the most important preconditions for a vision for the next 10-20 years.


Events focused on the topic of digital security

Taking into account the unstable political and economic situation in Armenia, maintaining digital security, and awareness work is considered a primary challenge, and the need to solve it is an agenda issue


Human Rights and Democratization Processes

Human rights and promoting the democratization process, their free and unbending implementation are on the list of permanent priorities, which should be the basis of a stronger and more stable state system.


Economic, Social and Cultural Rights

Education, health care, cultural life are considered the preconditions for the realization of the right to a prosperous life and a sufficient standard of living, which need constant development, no matter which country and what kind of development you are talking about.

What is an electronic literacy?
Why do we need electronic literacy?
The role of digital security in our lives.

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