A discussion was held at the RA Ministry of Education and Culture regarding the “Integrity Ambassadors in Armenia” program implemented by the All Rights Foundation.

The project goal is to contribute to education on corruption prevention and integrity in RA educational institutions, both in formal and informal settings.

During the meeting, Deputy Minister Artur Martirosyan underscored the critical importance of the program’s components. He pointed out that the Ministry, being the central authority in the sectors of education, culture, and sports, caters to a vast number of beneficiaries. Within this framework, the Ministry places a special emphasis on integrating the values of integrity into the educational curriculum. Martirosyan highlighted that the success of the “Integrity Ambassadors in Armenia” program hinges largely on its ability to tackle educational challenges and implement effective mapping procedures to identify and address these issues systematically.

The representatives of the USAID “Integrity Armenia” project noted that they value the fact that the project is in line with the state policy as a guarantee of proper progress.

The meeting concluded with an agreement on the importance of conducting further discussions in smaller, focused working groups.

The “Integrity Ambassadors in Armenia” project is being implemented by ARF with the support of the American People through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) within Armenia Integrity Project.


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