Monitoring of state and private nursing homes operating in Yerevan, Shirak, and Lori regions


“The A.D.Sakharov Armenian Human Rights Protection Center”, NGO

Brot für die Welt

All Rights Foundation (ARF)

To contribute to the transparent and accountable operation of state and private nursing homes located in the Republic of Armenia and to contribute to the realization of targeted reforms in the field of state support by the RA government.

The nursing homes operating in Armenia are considered semi-closed institutions, which gives limited access for entry and there is no free entrance for citizens whatsoever. The operation of nursing homes and their compliance with the principle of proportionality and regularity has not been monitored sufficiently by civil society and journalists. In the recent years, no such monitoring projects were implemented, which would put the financial and material quality on the same horizontal par with the quality of content in comparison with the existing regulations in the legislative field.

In the case of absence of research and monitoring, the issues existing in nursing homes that stand not only in front of the beneficiaries (the elderly) but also the people working at those institutions – organizing the food, providing with clothes, the sanitary and hygienic conditions, opportunities for showering eating, habitat, providing heating, water supply, electricity, keeping the norms of security, the readiness of staff in case of emergency,  formation of financial resources, the expenses and their distribution, the mechanisms of social security provision, medical services, etc. The issue is much complex in case of private nursing homes, which have certain independence and the relations are not regulated by law as non-state institutions. The issue of institutions that are closed is also problematic, which function as nursing homes for people who have mental and psychological problems.

The project aims at contributing and developing the field of targeted social reforms and state support of nursing homes and the elderly.


  1. Implement monitoring of 3 state (Yerevan, Shirak) and 2 private (Lori) nursing homes (content and standard-wise, legislative).
  2. Make a report based on the results of the monitoring and the research of international experience.


The “Monitoring of state and private nursing homes operating in Yerevan, Shirak, and Lori regions” project is being implemented by the ARF with the support of  the A.D.Sakharov Armenian Human Rights Protection Center and the financial assistance of “Brot für die Welt”.

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