School of Electronic literacy and digital security


Eurasia Partnership foundation (EPF Armenia)

Swedish Government

All Rights Foundation (ARF)

To contribute to awareness raising and capacity building of minimum 12 young people from urban and rural areas of Shirak region on Electronic literacy and digital security.

Electronic literacy and digital security are considered one of the biggest challenges in Armenia, which need urgent solutions. Proper work is not being done towards these directions both in schools and universities as a result of which, it stays as a big gap among young people.
Taking into account the recent events such as the second war of Nagorno Karabagh, the new Coronavirus pandemic, the unstable political and economic situation, and early parliamentary elections, which occur in parallel with technological advancements and in the context of tech world, electronic literacy and digital security become top priorities.
In the context of described situation, as a part of the project, a school for e-Literacy and Digital Security (henceforth: Digital school) is planned for young people from Shirak region.

The main objectives of the project implementation, which will contribute to reaching the goal, are as followed:

  1. Creating and implementing a school for e-Literacy and Digital Security.
  2. Developing educational materials on e-literacy and digital security including manual and digital posters, printing materials for raising awareness.
  3. Organizing a public workshop on e-literacy and digital.


The “School of e-literacy and digital security” project is being implemented by ARF with the support of Eurasia Partnership Foundation (EPF Armenia) and financial assistance of  Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation.

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